Pharmacy Division

Pharmacy is an integral part of every healthcare setup. If patients take the right medication in the right dose and at the right time the therapy becomes effective and patient health improves. Northwest General Hospital & Research Center has a well-developed Pharmacy Department managed and operated by highly experienced and well-qualified pharmacists.

In order to facilitate our patients and to provide efficient pharmacy services, satellite pharmacies have been established in each ward. Each satellite pharmacy is operated by a qualified pharmacist providing their professional services such as dispensing of medications, managing the inventory, counseling patients, doing ward rounds & coordinating with the consultants regarding drug therapy, which collectively contributes to effective therapy and improved health of patients.

The Northwest Pharmacy department has a well-developed Drug Information Center providing drug-related information to the medical staff and community.

The Pharmacy department has also developed a Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) Section where specialized nutrition is prepared for babies with an immature gastrointestinal system, critically ill patients with malnutrition, non-functional GIT, small bowel obstruction, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, and NPO patients.

The Pharmacy Department of Northwest General Hospital & Research Center is the only pharmacy department in the region with a quality control laboratory where various qualitative & quantitative tests are performed to check the quality of medicines.