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World No Tobacco Day, 2024


Community Medicine Department, NWSM arranged an event regarding World No Tobacco Day, 2024

Students from Islamic International Medical College, Riphah University, Islamabad, Khyber Girls Medical College, Peshawar Medical College, Rehman Medical College, Northwest School of Medicine, Northwest Institute of Health Sciences, and KP Institute of Medical Sciences participated.

Prof Dr Noor Ul Iman, Principal, NWSM shed light on the economic and health costs attributable to tobacco use.

Chief Guest Ms. Syeda Zainab Naqvi, assistant commissioner, Peshawar, and focal person for tobacco control explained the district administration’s efforts in curbing tobacco use in society and distributed the certificates among students.

Dr. Sylvia, Consultant Psychiatrist, NWGH gave an overview of the effects of advertisements and their influence on the mindset of an individual, especially young people.

Prof. Dr. Waqar Ali spoke about the importance of everyone in society in controlling the tobacco epidemic and expressed gratitude to all the students and guests.

This initiative aligns with the institutional strategic plan devised by Dr. Haseeba Mukhtar, the focal person from NWSM for ADTC, HERA. It is part of NWSM’s ongoing anti-drug and tobacco efforts.

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