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A workshop on “Orientation cum Consultation“


A workshop on “Orientation cum Consultation “was conducted by Dr. Khalid Khan, Advisor, at the auditorium of the institute. The workshop focused on Institutional, Program and Performance Evaluation (IP&PE).
Dr. Khalid Khan highlighted Alliance Healthcare would like to measure how we made our 10 years journey, identify gaps and invest the findings into future planning and operations, based on the findings, make solid recommendations at the end of the exercise for intuitional development emphasizing on assessment, community and stakeholder engagement and implementing the findings for the academic and educational development of the institute. One of the important actions would be to implement an effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system to ensure a continuous process of evaluations.
A thought-provoking discussion was generated during the workshop about the modern themes – teaching critical thinking among students, creativity, collaboration, communication and commitment to the goals.
Dr. Khalid Khan emphasized performance evaluation, student and employer feedback, teachers’ role, and departmental and curriculum review.
A productive question and answer session was conducted at the concluding session of the workshop.
It is pertinent to note that more sessions will be held in the coming days under the course of evaluation exercises.