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A workshop on “Learning Outcomes and Bloom’s Taxonomy”


On May 24, 2024, a workshop on “Learning Outcomes and Bloom’s Taxonomy” was conducted by Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman, Principal Northwest College of Allied Health Sciences.
The workshop was part of the Faculty Development Program (FDP) at Northwest Institute of Health Sciences which has been committed to providing valuable opportunities for faculty growth and development.
Bloom’s Taxonomy is one of the most broadly used frameworks to define and distinguish different levels of human cognition. In an educational setting, Bloom’s taxonomy plays a significant role all the way from planning curriculum to deciding learning outcomes.
In the workshop, Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman shed light on the basic concept of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its learning outcomes, ensuring that the curriculum, teaching methods, and assessments are aligned with educational programs. This informative session created an opportunity for the faculty members to engage and be involved in a meaningful discussion and explore the possible applications of Bloom’s Taxonomy in our teaching and learning context.
The presence and support of Mr. Afsar Khan, Chief Operating Officer (COO), demonstrates the institution’s commitment to faculty development and education excellence. His applause for the Faculty Development Program (FDP) acknowledges the vital role it plays in enhancing teaching and learning experiences