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Enhancing Patient Care and Safety with the Faculty Development Program at NWIHS


The Faculty Development Program at Northwest Institute of Health Sciences has been committed to providing valuable opportunities for faculty growth and development! The workshop on “International Patient Safety Goals” is a crucial initiative to enhance patient care and safety.
Mr. Mohammad Farooq’s expertise in Medical Imaging Technology-Radiology brought a wealth of knowledge to the workshop; ensuring faculty understood the critical importance of:
1. Accurate patient identification
2. Safe management of high-alert medications
3. Infection control and prevention
By focusing on these key areas, faculty can significantly reduce the risk of adverse events and ensure a safer environment for patients. Effective communication is also essential in healthcare, and this workshop likely addressed strategies for clear and concise communication among healthcare providers.
Mr. Afsar Khan, Chief Operating Officer, NWIHS applauded the role of the Faculty Development Program and ensured the provision of facilities and support in this regard.
Under the leadership of Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman, Principal Northwest College of Allied Health Sciences and Dr. Quratulain, vice principal of the college, the Faculty Development Program is demonstrating a strong commitment to quality education and patient care.