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Research Title Defense Sessions


Northwest Institute of Health Sciences has highly focused on fostering research-based learning and education among its students. The “Research Title Defense Sessions” provide a platform for students to showcase their research proposals and receive feedback from experts in the field, ensuring that the projects adhere to ethical and academic standards.
Today, May 3rd, 2024, the “Research Proposal Defense Session” for 9th semester DPT students was held here in the institute. Several groups of DPT undergraduate students presented and defended their research proposals.
Dr. Shafiq Wazir, PhD Head of IRB, chaired the session adding credibility to the process. At the same time, other experts including Dr. Kamran Alam, a Bio-Statistician, Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Ph.D. in MLT, Mr. Sohail Ahmad Khan, Lecturer-Radiology, Dr. Uzair Ahmad-Pt, Dr. Usman Khan-Pt, Dr. Raeed Mufti-Pt and Mr. Saddam Hussain-Lecturer Anesthesia made sure a comprehensive evaluation of the proposals.
This kind of initiative improves the quality of research and centralizes research activities within the institute, fostering a culture of academic rigor and collaboration.