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Empowering Tomorrow’s Medical Leaders: Symposium at NWGH


On February 28, 2024, the Medical Professional Education Department (MPED) at Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre (NWGH) hosted an enriching interactive symposium exclusively for Postgraduate Trainees (PGTs) and House Officers. This event centred on advancing their knowledge and professional growth through the guidance of renowned medical experts.
The esteemed speakers lineup included:
* Professor Damien Kuffler,Director of the Institute of Neurobiology at the University of Puerto Rico
* Professor Walt Johnson,National and International Advocacy Manager
* Dr. Kee B. Park,Expert in Global Health and Social Medicine
These distinguished speakers generously shared their invaluable experiences and insights, illuminating diverse aspects of medical practice.
The program featured a series of interactive modules, delving into pertinent topics:
* Navigating elective training, internships, fellowships, and community work opportunities within the United States
* The nuances of global health initiatives and their impact on healthcare outcomes
A highly engaging question-and-answer session followed, moderated by Dr. Arshad, Associate Dean of Postgraduate Training, fostering lively discussions with participants. Attendees had the privilege of interacting with prominent figures such as Professor Dr. Tariq Khan Hashim, Chairman of Alliance Health Care, and Professor Dr. Sidra Jabbar Khan, Dean of MPED.
Post-symposium, the guest speakers embarked on a comprehensive tour of NWGH, strengthening the bridge between academic knowledge and practical healthcare delivery. In recognition of this collaboration, they were presented with traditional turbans and shields as tokens of appreciation.



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