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Spotlight on Neurotrauma Awareness


Alliance Healthcare Private Limited hosted the first WFNS Global Neurosurgery conference, focusing on Neurotrauma Awareness. Distinguished speakers, including Prof. Tariq Khan, Prof. Hamishi Shani, Prof. Gail Rosseau, and Prof. Franco Servadei, emphasised the importance of preventing neurotrauma. The event also featured insights from a neurotrauma patient stressing the significance of raising awareness. Prof. Tariq Khan, Chairman of Alliance Healthcare Limited, highlighted the major causes of neurotrauma, primarily road traffic accidents, emphasising preventive measures such as helmet use and adherence to traffic laws. International experts provided insights on reducing trauma incidents through measures like valid driving licenses and speed limits. SSP Traffic Police Peshawar, Mr. Arshad Khan, and District Emergency Officer, Rescue 1122, Mr. Rafiullah Khan Marwat, shared their respective roles in minimising neurotrauma-related incidents.



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