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Insulin Initiation Goal & How to Titrate


Symposium on “Expert Insight: Insulin Initiation Goal & How to Titrate”
The Medical Professional Education Department, Northwest General Hospital and Research Centre hosted a symposium titled “Expert Insight: Insulin Initiation Goal & How to Titrate,” on Tuesday 26th December 2023 that brought together healthcare professionals, experts, and researchers to discuss crucial aspects of insulin initiation and titration. The symposium aimed to enhance knowledge, share best practices, and promote collaborative learning in the field of diabetes management. The event attracted a diverse audience, including endocrinologists, diabetologists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals keen on staying updated with the latest advancements in diabetes care.
Prof. Dr. Arshad Hussain a renowned endocrinologist and the keynote speaker of the symposium, delivered an insightful presentation on the current guidelines for insulin initiation and the importance of individualized titration plans. Prof. Dr Arshad Hussain emphasized the need for a patient-centred approach, considering factors such as lifestyle, comorbidities, and patient preferences in insulin management.
Prof. Dr. Arshad Hussain shared real-world case studies, and research studies based on insulin use, shared practical insights, and addressed challenges faced by healthcare professionals in managing insulin therapy. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions, fostering an environment of active learning and knowledge exchange.
The event highlighted the role of technology in insulin management, with discussions on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems and smart insulin delivery devices. The integration of technology in diabetes care was a recurring theme, underscoring the potential benefits of improving patient outcomes and enhancing overall quality of life.
The symposium concluded with a commitment to continued education, research, and collaboration in the field of diabetes care. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of insulin initiation goals, titration techniques, and the evolving landscape of diabetes management.



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