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18th World Congress in Cape Town


In the realm of neurosurgery, Prof Tariq Khan stands as an iconic figure, tirelessly leading advocacy initiatives to enhance neurosurgical care on a global scale. His influence reverberates far beyond borders, and his recent endeavors mark significant milestones in the field.

A standout achievement in Prof Tariq Khan’s illustrious career is the formulation of the Peshawar policy recommendations, a groundbreaking effort aimed at addressing brain and spine injuries in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). These recommendations not only signify his commitment to improving healthcare in underserved regions but also demonstrate his proactive approach to challenging medical issues.

Taking his advocacy to new heights, Prof Khan is now at the forefront of a movement to designate Neurotrauma as a notifiable condition. This strategic initiative aims to elevate the awareness and urgency surrounding neurotraumatic injuries, fostering a more responsive and cohesive global healthcare approach.

The 18th World Congress of Neurosurgery served as a platform for Prof Tariq Khan to present his vision and advocacy for making Neurotrauma a notifiable condition. This international stage allowed him to engage with fellow experts, share insights, and garner support for this crucial cause.

For Pakistan, Prof Tariq Khan’s accomplishments are a source of pride and honor. His dedication to advancing neurosurgical care transcends national boundaries, placing him among the ranks of global leaders in the field. As an iconic neurosurgeon from Pakistan, Prof Tariq Khan exemplifies the transformative impact that individuals can have on shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.



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