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IFC conducts thorough environmental and safety assessment


International Finance Corporation (IFC) conducted a thorough environment and safety site supervision visit to Alliance Healthcare Limited on November 22-23, 2023. The inspection encompassed various critical aspects, including hospital areas, construction sites, waste management, power generation, and the general safety and environmental ethos.
During the visit, AHL actively engaged with the IFC team, showcasing their commitment to environment and safety standards. AHL’s senior management, Environment and Safety (E&S) team, along with representatives from the Occupational Health Safety & Environment department, Facilities Management Services, and the Board of Directors played crucial roles in the evaluation process.
AHL delivered a series of comprehensive presentations, providing insights into their different projects, E&S conditions, and overall performance. These presentations served as a platform to showcase AHL’s dedication to aligning with IFC’s Performance Standards. The discussions were detailed and extensive, with IFC engaging directly with AHL’s top management on diverse topics related to environmental and safety practices.
The visit programme was designed to foster a comprehensive assessment, ensuring that AHL’s projects met or exceeded the stringent benchmarks set by IFC. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. The increased cooperation between IFC and AHL, as facilitated by this visit, is poised to contribute positively to the ongoing success and environmental responsibility of Alliance Healthcare Limited’s endeavours.



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