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Seminar on ‘Students’ Role in Shaping Society’ by NWIHS Center of Excellence for Paramedics


One-day seminar focused on “Students Role in Shaping Society,” was organized by the Center of Excellence for Paramedics, Northwest Institute of Health Sciences. Dr. Raheel Ahmad, Principal, Center of Excellence for Paramedics and Ms. Sitara Jamshaid welcomed the distinguished guests and hosted the event.
Noted scholars Mufti Muhammad Mukhtar Hassan, Director of Rahimia Institute of Quranic Sciences, Peshawar, and Mr. Faisal Jamshaid, President, of Youth Parliament delivered speeches on the topic.
The speakers highlighted the crucial role of youth in reshaping society and urged the students to follow the guiding principles of Islamic teachings. Youth are the assets of a nation and have the potential to reshape and develop their societies at large.
The seminar aimed to empower the students to understand and embrace their pivotal role in societal development. The special event was tailored for the students of the institute- offering a platform to explore and discuss the vital role that students play in shaping the fabric of society.
Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman, Principal NWIHS offered his closing remarks and thanked the distinguished guests, organizers and students for their participation in the event.