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Empowering Resilience: Unveiling Strategies to Prevent Burnout


A workshop on “Strategies to Prevent Burnout” was conducted here under the auspicious of the Faculty Development Program. The workshop was moderated by Mr. Nasir Mehmood, Senior Faculty, Northwest Institute of Health Sciences.
The Faculty Development Program (FDP) has been started under the supervision of QEC, headed by Dr. Subhan-ur-Rehman, Principal NWIHS.
Mr. Nasir Mehmood categorically explained the definition and strategies to prevent the impacts of burnout.
Burnout is a psychological experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest- a general wearing out of the pressure work. It occurs when one feels overwhelmed and unable to constant demands.
There are certain strategies that prove instrumental in the prevention of burnout effects. These include setting boundaries for specific goals, practicing self-care, and take regular breaks and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Later on, the session was followed by an assignment activity and Mr. Nasir Mehmood paid thanks to the participants.