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Building Bridges: Enhancing Workplace Etiquette & Professional Conduct


A workshop on “Workplace Etiquette & Professional Conduct” was organized here in the institute’s auditorium. The workshop was a part of the “Faculty Development Program” which focuses on capacity building of the faculty, a productive environment for learning and education, promoting positive approaches, attitudinal changes and respect for diversity. The Faculty Development Program (FDP) has been started under the supervision of QEC.
The workshop was moderated by Engineer Aiman Abbas, Lecturer Information Technology NWIHS and at the same time Chief Operating Officer Mr. Afsar Khan and faculty members attended the session.
Ms. Aiman Abbas shed light on the significance of maintaining workplace etiquette that promotes socially acceptable values and interaction with one another. Good manners are cost-effective but they increase the quality of life in the workplace and promote social harmony and understanding.
Courtesy- another core element that makes our workplace more comfortable and conducive to productivity and gaining success.